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 Solomon Bayre - Wedi Bayre 


  1. Kb Man - Endenyhe | እንዴኔሂ - New Ethiopian Music (Official Video)
  2. Tiruedel Zenebe ጥሩእድል ዘነበ - Guitar ጊታር
  3. Dereje Belay - Tiz Yilegnal
  4. Mulugeta Lema - Yaya
  5. Addis Gurmessa - Amogne
  6. Nega Mandefro - Amoraw
  1. Nega Mandefro - Amoraw
  2. Meaza Yohannes - Ayni faro
  3. Ahmed Legas - Bey Lakilegn Mela
  4. Selamawit Abebayehu - Bel Awragn
  5. Selemon Kinde - Setayign
  6. Solomon Bayre - Beynhi Nei


  1. Traditional Music In Ethiopia 

    By: Fitsum Getachew
    Feb 08, 2016 •  In-house Kenya

    Ethiopia has a long and at times tormented history. With that it has an equally long and fascinating history of arts and culture. To write about Ethiopia’s traditional music in one article such as this may not do justice to everyone nor reveal the complete and true picture of the situation. This text should thus simply serve as a launch pad for further study for anyone who would like to venture deeper into the country’s traditional music.

    The music of Ethiopia is a reflection of all the historical and social episodes, such as the military campaigns that various warlords or chiefs had to launch. The music is about war as well as patriotism, songs of victory, songs that incite support for a certain crusade. The music is also about love, with wonderful melodies and poetic lyrics. The spirituality of Ethiopians is expressed in the form of music. All these types of tunes and melodies are prepared and performed using various traditional instruments. Read more
  2. Traditional Ethiopian Music and Ethiopian

      Traditional Ethiopian music instruments include the masingo, a one-stringed violin likeinstrument that is played with a bow; the krar, a six-stringed lyre, played with fingers or a plectrum; the washint, a flute made from bamboo; and various drums.

    There are three types of drums that are used in different occasions: the negarit (kettledrum), played with sticks, thekebero, played with hands, and the atamo, tapped with the fingers or palm.
    Other instruments include the begena, a huge, multi-stringed lyre often referred to as the Harp of David; thetsinatsil or sistrum, which is used in churches; the meleket, a long trumpet without fingerholes, and the embilta, a large, one-note flute used on ceremonial occasions​. negarit (kettledrum), played with sticks, thekebero, played with hands, and the atamo, tapped with the fingers or palm. Other instruments include the begena, a huge, multi-stringed lyre often referred to as the Harp of David​  Read More



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