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  1. Awtaru Kebede - Bante New Yene
  2. Aschalew Lema - Esu New Hiwote
  3. Anan Desalegn - Lenes Mazemere Hiwot Ayhonegnim
  4. Amanuel Nigatu - Hulgize Nafkote
  5. Amanuel Nigatu - Eyesus Medhanite
  6. Alazar Fekadu - Eyesus Fiker
  7. Beza Samuel - Yehiwot Miserach
  8. Bereket Tesfaye - Demu
  9. Bethelhem Tezera - Abet Wibetu
  10. Dawit Getachew - Ewedihalew
  11. Dawit Getachew - Kework Bebelete Fikir
  12. Dawit Getachew - Ewedihalew
  13. Endale W Georgis - Yebazinal
  14. Eyoab Belihu - Yadinal Simhi
  15. Feven Berhanu - Endeyesus Yale
  16. Feven Berhanu - Nefse Befitih
  17. Fitsum Merara - Simu Haylenga New
  18. Fitsum Merera - Kiber Yihun
  19. Genet Debebe - Abet Mihiratu
  20. Genet Debebe - Misiganayen Abazalahu
  21. Habtamu kumela - Ategebe Honwal
  22. Habtamu Kumela - kiber Ayew begeta
  23. Henok Addis - Beten Ante Sira
  24. Kalkidan Solomon - Tekeflowal
  25. Kefa Mideksa - Kidus Egziabher
  26. Kiddy Kassa - Getaye Bante
  27. Kiddy Kassa - Tewledlen
  28. Kalkidan Solomon - Tekeflwal
  29. Lidiya Tefera - Efelgihalew
  30. Kiddy Kassa - Tewledlen
  31. Kefa Mideksa - Hulu Yisma
  32. Kefa Mideksa - Kidus Egzabher
  33. Lidiya Tefera - Eyesus Efelghalew
  34. Lidiya Diriba - Kibrie Neh
  35. Meskerem Getu - Mesertu Fiker
  36. Description
  37. Samuel Tesfamichael – Timelekaleh
  38. Samuel Tesfamichael - Temesgen Libelhi
  39. Samuel Tesfamichael - Yefiqer Tirgum
  40. Tadiwos Musse - Befekru Akemegn
  41. Tagay W Mariam - Metahuge
  42. Temesgen Markos - Yekidan Lij
  43. Temesgen Markos - Zemenen Yesetihut
  44. Wubalem and Mengistu - Chel Ayilm
  45. Wubalem and Mengistu - Agelegilalew
  46. Wubalem and Mengistu - Ale Geta
  47. Yedenekachew Teka - Ayehonem Ale Geta
  48. Zelalem Tesfaye - Taybigni
  1. Dictionary of African Christian Biography    

    Mikael Argawi
    1848 to 1931

    Mikael Argawi (1848-1931), a Falasha or Ethiopian Jew, was the first Ethiopian Protestant missionary. Whilst he was still an infant his mother died in an epidemic. His sorrow-stricken father became a hermit, leaving Argawi, who was scarcely three years old, in the care of Johann Martin Flad, a German missionary who had founded a Protestant mission station for the conversion of the Falashas at Kobela near Jenda, in the province of Begemder. 

    Argawi attended the small mission school and acted first as the personal servant of Mrs. Flad and later as nursemaid to her children. 

    When the missionaries fell into disfavor with the Emperor Theodore (1855-1868), who suspected them of reporting unfavorably on him, Argawi, then still a youth, remained loyal to them.  Read More 



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