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  1. Various - Fidake (ፊዳከ)
  2. Amir Hussen - Aslamualykum Yazyne wedu zemde yakurtl ayne
  3. Amir Hussen - Betnor enatachew Amina (4)
  4. Amir Hussen - Betnor enatachew Amina(2)
  5. Amir Hussen - Betnor enatachew Amina (5)
  6. Amir Hussen - Betnor enatachew Amina (6)
  7. Amir Hussen - Betnor enatachew Amina (7)
  8. Various - Yetalu (የታሉ)
  9. Fuad Mohammed - Alwahu Daem ( አሏሁ ዳኢም )
  10. Fuad Mohammed - Yakurtel Ayne ( ያቁረተል አይኔ )
  11. Fuad Mohammed - Nurul Alem ( ኑሩል ዓለም)
  12. Fuad Mohammed - Awayu selam Alyika
  13. Fuad Mohammed - Gayeltmuna ( ጋየተልሙና )
  14. Mifta Hussen - Allhamdulillah Reblalmin shkur shkur
  15. Mifta Hussen - Selamalikum Nebi
  16. Mohamed Awol
  17. Bereka በረካ ( Movie )
  18. Tewbet ተውበት ( Movie )
  19. Mirat ምራት ( Movie )
  20. Remla ረምላ ( Movie ) Part A
  21. Remla ረምላ ( Movie ) Part B
  22. Jeza ጀዛ ( Movie ) Part 1
  23. Jeza ጀዛ ( Movie ) Part 2
  24. Linega Sil ሊነጋ ሲል ( Movie) Part 1
  25. Linega Sil ሊነጋ ሲል ( Movie) Part 2
  1. Ethiopia and Islam – A colourful (brief) history

    Written by: Cecilia

    For Muslims, Ethiopia has historically been the land of freedom from persecution and emancipation from fear.

    Ethiopia is considered “the heaven of the first migration or Hijra”. In 622 CE, some of the Prophet Muhammad’s followers, given the persecution they were subjected to in the city of Mecca, undertook their migration or journey to Ethiopia, where, there was a King who “did not wrong anyone”. Ethiopia was known as a land where its King Negus – or Al-Najashi – was a person in whose hands religious rights were respected and whose land was ruled with justice.  Read More

  2. The start of Ramadan and the first Muslims who came to Ethiopia

    By: Mark Chapman
    June 18, 2015

    the start of Ramadan, the great fasting month in the Muslim calendar. Muslims around the world will not eat or drink from sunrise to sunset for the lunar month. As the dates go with the lunar calendar they move through the western calendar year, actually the month moves forward a few weeks each year.

    Coin from K.Amrah’s reign (Classical Numismatic Group, Inc. Read More 

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