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  1. Ethiopian Instrumental Music - 1 - የሙዚቃ መሳሪያ ቅንብር ( ኢንስትሩመንታል ሙዚቃ)
  2. Ethiopian Instrumental Music - 2 - የሙዚቃ መሳሪያ ቅንብር ( ኢንስትሩመንታል ሙዚቃ)
  3. Ethiopian Instrumental Music - 3 - የሙዚቃ መሳሪያ ቅንብር ( ኢንስትሩመንታል ሙዚቃ)
  4. Ethiopian Instrumental Music - 4 - የሙዚቃ መሳሪያ ቅንብር ( ኢንስትሩመንታል ሙዚቃ)
  5. Ethiopian Instrumental Music - 5 - (ምርጥ የሙዚቃ መሳሪያ ቅንብር ( ኢንስትሩመንታል ሙዚቃ)
  6. Ethiopian Instrumental Music - 6 - የሙዚቃ መሳሪያ ቅንብር ( ኢንስትሩመንታል ሙዚቃ)
  7. Ethiopian Instrumental Music - 8 - የሙዚቃ መሳሪያ ቅንብር ( ኢንስትሩመንታል ሙዚቃ)
  8. Ethiopian Instrumental Music - 9 - የሙዚቃ መሳሪያ ቅንብር ( ኢንስትሩመንታል ሙዚቃ)
  9. Ethiopian Instrumental Music - 10 - የሙዚቃ መሳሪያ ቅንብር ( ኢንስትሩመንታል ሙዚቃ)
  10. Ethiopian Instrumental Music - 11 - የሙዚቃ መሳሪያ ቅንብር ( ኢንስትሩመንታል ሙዚቃ)
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  12. Ethiopian Instrumental Music - 13 - የሙዚቃ መሳሪያ ቅንብር ( ኢንስትሩመንታል ሙዚቃ)



  1. Lost Funk Masterpieces Of Ethiopia

    Published September 16, 20083:23 PM ET

    Record collectors of the hip-hop generation first discovered the music of Ethiopia's Mulatu Astatke in the early 1990s. At that time, dealers at the legendary Roosevelt Hotel Record Convention in Manhattan peddled copies of Mulatu of Ethiopia, released on the small Worthy imprint, for princely sums due to its then-unknown drum break, prime meat for sampling. Those of us entranced by the otherworldly sounds searched in vain for other albums that sounded like this masterpiece. Until, that is, Francis Falceto released Ethiopiques 4, a compilation of the two supremely rare albums Astatke released on the Ethiopian Amha label Read More.
  2. A musical secret, hidden away at an Ethiopian convent in Jerusalem

    By : Ben Shalev
    Published 15:41 16.08.13

    One morning about two years ago, the phone rang at the home of pianist Maya Dunietz and her husband, conductor Ilan Volkov. Over the line could be heard the faint voice of an elderly woman. It was Emahoy Tsegue-Mariam Gebru. “I need your help,” she said to Dunietz, in English. “Could you come see me?”

    Dunietz and Volkov had been waiting for this call for several years, ever since they first visited Emahoy in her small room at the Ethiopian convent in Jerusalem, where she has been living for the past 30 years.



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