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  1. The mystery, the myth and the final Location of The ark of the Covenant
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  3. Haile Selassie: The Pillar of Ethiopia, part 1 & 2
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  5. 3,000 years of Ethiopia's history explained in less than 10 minutes
  6. Axumite Kingdom: The Rise and Fall of an Empire
  1. Ethiopian Ancient Architecture and The Ethiopian History - Documentary
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  3. This Is Why They Hate Haile Selassie I But This Is Why We Love H.I.M! Another Look @ CCTV DOCU
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  5. (BBC HD) Tribal Wives, the Hamar, Ethiopia S02E06 Series Two Episode Six
  6. Most beautiful people in Africa: Mursi people (Ethiopia)
  7. Joanna Lumley's Nile: Ethiopia | History Documentary | Reel Truth History
  8. Ethiopia-The Ark of the Covenant 1/5
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  13. Faces Of Africa: Keepers Of The Ark
  14. Lost Kingdoms of Africa ... Ethiopia
  15. Ethiopian Orthodox Church History- (short documentary)